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Frequently asked questions clipartWhen can I use the LRC?

The LRC is open before school (7:25am – 7:55am), during lunch and during study hall.  Many English Language Arts classes reserve time every two weeks to complete book business (checkout, check-in, renew), silent read, complete homework or study.

What do I need to checkout a library book?

A current (school year) student ID is required to checkout library books.  Stating an ID# or last name won’t do it!  If a student lost an ID, a new one can be purchased for $5.00 in the LRC.

How many books can I checkout?

Students can checkout two books for two weeks.  Books can be renewed for an additional two weeks if more time is needed.

How will I know when a book is due?

The due date is stamped on the Due Date Slip on the front-inside cover of the library book.  The media specialist and media clerk will always verbally state the due date as well.  If you have a question about the due date, just ask!

What if a book is late?  Is there a fine?

Yes, an overdue book is fined $.10 per school day.  Holidays and weekends aren’t included.  The maximum fine is $3.00.  Overdue notices are emailed to the student weekly, and printed notices are delivered every-other Friday during study hall.  Please pay all library fines as soon as possible.

What if I was absent the day a book was due?

The library does not have access to student attendance records.  Instead of returning the library book to the drop box, please return it to the media specialist or media clerk to explain the situation.

What happens if I damage a book?

Students are not charged for normal wear and tear on library materials.  Books should be returned in the same condition as when they were checked out.  All items are inspected when returned to the library and prior to being reshelved.  If you return a book that’s wet or even been damaged slightly by liquid, there’s a good chance you could end up having to purchase the damaged item.  Some examples of when a student would need to pay for a book:

  • Damp, wet, or moldy books
  • Books damaged by food stains, oily, or sticky residue
  • Books missing pages or covers
  • Books containing marking by pencil, ink, or highlight marker
  • Books showing tears, cuts, graffiti or other unusual damage

What is that bright orange paper sticking out of a library book?

That bright orange slip is part of our First Read Club.  It’s a new book that no student has read before.  Read the book, completely fill out the slip (front and back) and keep it in the book when you drop it off.  We will proudly display your summary and review.  A First Read Club label with your name and date will be adhered to the inside-front cover of the book.  You will become part of Timber Ridge library history!

What happens if I lose a book?

Students are responsible for the care of library books.  If a book is lost, it will need to be replaced.  The student will receive a bill for the replacement cost of the lost book.  Be sure to check the school lost-and-found and all classroom lost-and-founds too!  Be sure your search is exhaustive.  We would rather have the book than your money.

Can I use a desktop computer in the LRC?

Yes, students can use a desktop computer for school activities (research, typing, accessing online textbooks, home access center, projects, etc.) before school (7:25am – 7:55am), during lunch, and during study hall, but please remember that students are expected to bring the ditrict-issued laptop and charger to school each day.

Can I print in the LRC?

Yes, the LRC has a black-ink printer that students can use for printing school assignments.  There is no cost to print, so please don’t abuse this privilege!

Can I work with a group in the LRC?

Yes, a small group of students can use a table to work on a cooperative learning project.  Please keep communications quiet as to not disturb other LRC patrons.  Be sure to have an electronic eHall pass from your teacher.

Can I help in the LRC?  

Yes, Timber Ridge offers a program in the library called LRC Student Helpers.  LRC Student Helpers may help shelve books, organize bookshelves, clean tables, organize bookmarks, deliver to classrooms, decorate, create displays, deliver computer carts, etc. one day per week during study hall.  If you’re interested, be sure to pick up an application as it requires a student signature, parent signature, and teacher recommendation and signature.  We would love to work with you.  We appreciate the help!  Tree of books clipart

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask!  Email Your Question  


Thanks in advance for making our LRC awesome!  

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