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Catie Peterson Principal Main Office
Lindsey Bandy Assistant Principal  (SpEd) Main Office
Keith Holderman Assistant Principal  (C&I) Main Office
Denise Bauer Dean of Students 120
Dana Fumagalli Secretary to the Principal Main Office
Kristen Wolfer Secretary to the Asst. Principal Main Office
Brisa Lopez Office Clerk Main Office
Tina Terry Registered Nurse Nurse Office
Samantha Schneider Certified School Nurse District Office
Taranekia Brown Health Clerk Nurse Office
Bryan Nephew Technology Specialist 121 - LRC
Erin Menconi Media Specialist 121 - LRC
Rachel Fearday Media Clerk 121 - LRC
Grade 6  
Joel Wallin Math 137
Margaret McCarthy Math / Honors Math 136
Corinne Gomez English Language Arts / Honors ELA 135
Lynnette Ranallo English Language Arts 139
Anne Fitzgerald Social Studies 133
Christopher Daniele Social Studies 134
Deborah Smith Science 132
Angela Trainor Science 130
Grade 7 
Dawn Hooser Math 106
Sarah Price Math / Honors Math 109
Katelyn Fuchs Honors Math 237
Emily Taylor English Language Arts 112
Joy Carcione English Language Arts 101
Liane Skill Social Studies 104
Matthew Blasing Social Studies 111
Tina Trabold Science 110
Teri Jones Science 109

Grade 8  

Lisa Cronin Math / Algebra I Honors 239
Katelyn Fuchs Math 237
Emily McGann Math / Science 235
Yana Kulagin English Language Arts / Honors ELA 233
Meghan Sheets English Language Arts 220
Sarah Diamond English Language Arts / Social Studies 209
John Hughes Social Studies 231
Maria Murphy Social Studies 224
Kalyn Jackson Science / Social Studies 216
David Mosiman Science 218
English Language Learners
Yolanda Pulido

ELL - English Language Arts 

BLA - Bilingual Language Arts

Omar Espitia

ELL - English Language Arts

Betsy Williams

ELL - Math

Special Education

Resource Math (7)

Josh Finn

Instructional Social Studies (8)

Resource English Language Arts, Math (8)

Shannon Cavins

Language Live! (7)

Instructional English Language Arts (7)

Linda Soriano

Instructional Science (7/8)

Resource English Language Arts (7)

Ronald Petrinos

Instructional Social Studies (6/7)

Kimberly Schrementi

Instructional Science (6)

Instructional Math (6)

Jordan Vanderpool

Instructional Science (6)

Resource English Language Arts (6)

Ethan Reeves

Language Live! (7/8)

Resource Social Studies, Science, ELA (6)

Nicole Peters

Instructional Math (8)

Resource Math (8)

Angela Shiplett

Instructional English Language Arts (8)

Resource English Language Arts (8)

Physical  Education
Josh McNaughton Physical Education Gym
Kim Ellis Physical Education Gym
Kelly Proffitt Physical Education Gym
Ryan Marketti Physical Education Gym
Aaron Wurtzel Physical Education Gym
Heather Rafa Physical Education Gym
Mark Hietikko Art 156
Patrick Hoadley Band / Music 155
Megan Goetz Choir 153
Laura Egly STEAM 160
Margaret Bultman Family & Consumer Science  (FACS) 152/154
Isabel Urbina-Chaidez  Spanish 207
Ronda Walsh  Computer Applications 128
Heather Sauder

Communications, Study Skills, 

Human Geography, Public Speaking

Student Services
Sandy Collins Instruction Specialist 105
Heidi Marston Reading Specialist 127
Kelly Ferrari Reading Specialist 211
Renea Pytlik Reading Interventionist 138
TBD Math Interventionist 229
Jean Cosgrave-Gibbs Social Worker (8th Grade) 124
Tyricia Nettles Social Worker (7th Grade) 147
Alexia Clay Social Worker (6th Grade) 149
Meaghan Hejna School Psychologist 127
Dawn Rodriguez Speech and Language Pathologist 117
Amelia Simpson Vision Itinerant  
Lisa McNeeley Occupational Therapist  
Samantha Fritts Permanent Substitute Teacher  
Gladys Conteh Permanent Substitute Teacher  
Matthew Milligan Permanent Substitute Teacher  
Nichole Meachum ASDA Supervisor  125
Nancy Moline Special Education Teacher Assistant  
Shannon Wallace Special Education Teacher Assistant  
Tina Schwab Special Education Teacher Assistant  
Roger Thigpen Special Education Teacher Assistant  
Christina Roberts Special Education Teacher Assistant  
Sreelatha Jasthi Special Education Teacher Assistant  
TBD Special Education Teacher Assistant  
TBD Special Education Teacher Assistant  

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