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D. 202 middle school musicians earn trip to regional music festival

Plainfield – Thirty-two District 202 middle school student musicians have been selected for the 2023 Illinois Music Education Association District 9 Honor Band and Honor Choir.

Students auditioned for the prestigious regional event. They will participate in day-long rehearsals and perform at the ILMEA District Junior Band, Chorus and Orchestra Festival on November 11, 2023, at West Aurora High School.

These District 202 students will participate:

Aux Sable Middle School


  •  Angelina Fraley, 8th grade, alto

Drauden Point Middle School


  • Layla Flores, 8th grade, alto   

Heritage Grove Middle School


  • Gavin Gonzales, 8th grade, alto saxophone
  • Evan McFarland, 8th grade, French horn


  • Mason Nasrallah, 7th grade, soprano
  • Lucy Petrovic, 7th grade, soprano      

Indian Trail Middle School


  • Max Madonia, 8th grade, trumpet


  • Joseph Garcia Delach, 7th grade, baritone

Ira Jones Middle School


  • Isaiah Bautista, 8th grade, baritone
  • Alex Drescher, 7th grade, alto
  • Delilah Kennedy, 8th grade, alto
  • Madison Murphy, 8th grade, alto
  • Jolene  Rabig, 8th grade, soprano
  • Logyn Reyes, 8th grade, baritone
  • Londyn Reyes, 8th grade, soprano
  • Priscilla Ryu, 8th grade, alto
  • Maaryn Tegel, 8th grade, soprano
  • Sanaya Krishnan, 7th grade, soprano
  • Lila Kubinski, 78h grade, soprano
  • Charlie Long, 7th grade, alto
  • Amirah Ogunsegun, 7th grade, alto

John F. Kennedy Middle School


  • Caitlin Hill, 8th grade, clarinet
  • Julianne Salazar, 8th grade, clarinet
  • Avery Schultz, 8th grade, clarinet
  • Kaitlyn Siapno, 8th grade, bassoon


  • Nolan Calma, 8th grade, baritone
  • Christopher Johnson, 8th grade, baritone
  • Nicolas “Nico” Murillo, 8th grade, baritone
  • Kayden Sintim, 8th grade, baritone

Timber Ridge Middle School


  • David Gerges, 8th grade, trumpet
  • Isabella Kazak, 7th grade, French horn


  • Chase Bilotta, 7th grade, baritone

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