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Mrs. Egly's STEAM Website

Mrs. Egly's STEAM Website

Timber Ridge’s STEAM Course (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) is a semester course which concentrates on the engineering design concepts and expands upon the curriculum of the core subjects via computer simulated technology and hands-on learning. 


STEAM Topics per grade level:

6th Grade Curriculum
Flight Technology
What captures the imagination more than the exploration of flight? In this module, you will quickly understand that the science of rocketry and flight requires knowledge and application of mathematics and physics. By building, flying and testing your own pneumatic powered rockets, you will realize that design and craftsmanship determine flight performance.

Computer Graphics & Animation
Messages and digital information stream at young minds 24 hours a day. In this module, you will create logos, packaging, media design, and animated works. As you create your own media you will begin to understand how advertisers use media to stimulate purchases. You will also explore the many opportunities for careers in graphic communications.


7th Grade Curriculum
Structural Engineering
In this module, you will be a student engineer and you will apply mathematical and scientific data to configure structural forms and meet hands-on challenges. After building and testing a variety of beam sections, stressed panels and trusses, you will design, engineer and construct a model bridge. The bridge is then stress tested on our computer-interfaced structural tester where you will observe and record the results of your construction techniques.

Forensic Science
You will explore the history of forensics and gain an understanding of how the use of science and math have augmented criminal investigation. You will learn how to lift a latent fingerprint, and study basic fingerprint patterns. You will also use a computer-based microscope to investigate fiber samples and paper chromatography.


8th Grade Curriculum
Research and Development
Research & Development integrates the principles of design and engineering with computer applications, measurement and problem solving. In this module, you will design and construct a CO2 powered racer and produce sketches, layouts and prototypes. You will apply mathematical formulas to anticipate performance, study the effects of weight, aerodynamics and alignment. You will also measure the speed of a vehicle you design and build using a digitally timed raceway.

Virtual Architectural
You will design a virtual dwelling. These cyber-images, which can be entered and explored, permit you to add furnishings, windows, doors and other requirements to meet aesthetic and design specifications. You will modify the interior design and furnishings of a home or office. You will also learn how to read a blueprint and the fundamentals of space planning and layout.