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Book Fair Information

Book Fair Information

Getting children to read is one of the primary goals of schools, community education organizations and parent groups.  One of the most popular ways of doing that is the through a school sponsored book fair.  Putting books into our students’ hands is the primary motivation for our book fairs.  Timber Ridge believes that book fairs are a great wat to promote literacy, introduce students and their families to books they may not otherwise encounter and raise money for the school library.

Our bookfairs take place in the school’s cafeteria, the school’s learning resource center, online and even out at local bookstores like Barnes & Noble.  Please come visit us during one of our fairs!

  • Promote literacy
  • Instill a love of reading that lasts a lifetime
  • Enrich classroom and library book collections
  • Strengthen school and home connections
  • Spark a fascination with books and an interest in reading
  • Create strong, independent readers
  • Special grandparent and parent events provide families an opportunity to select and read books together
  • Encourage a free-reading habit among students
  • Raise funds for the school library in a manner consistent with our educational mission



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Timber Ridge will be hosting an Anderson's Book Fair on Tuesday, November 19 - Tuesday,  November 26 in the LRC.  Students will be receiving a flyer in Social Studies and will be browsing the fair that week. Students can always come before school, during lunch and/or study hall.  We will be open during Parent/Teacher conferences too!  If you are too excited to wait, you can shop online HERE!

ALSO, On Friday, November 22nd at 8:30 am we will host our first ever GRAND Breakfast & Books.  We are inviting grandparents/someone grand to have a light breakfast with their student followed by browsing the book fair! Please RSVP by November 21st.