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Warrior Shirts

The word warrior is meant to remind people that we all are faced with challenges and adversities in life. However, as a warrior, we are all able to stay strong and get through it with the support of others. The color teal symbolizes mental health awareness in the same way that pink represents breast cancer; the color helps bring attention to the cause. The semicolon in place of the “i” in “warrior” is another symbol associated with mental health. In grammar, the semicolon signifies a pause of a thought before continuing. In reference to mental health, the semicolon is meant to remind people that you are the author of your story. You have the choice to pause when faced with difficulties. The arrow is a symbol used to remind those facing difficulties to keep moving forward.

These shirts were created in honor of our 8th grade student, Sarah Petty, who passed away in November 2018. The Petty family has shared that Sarah struggled with depression and anxiety throughout her life. After Sarah’s passing, her parents made it their mission to bring awareness to this cause with the hope of helping others who struggle with mental health.