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PARCC Testing Information

PARCC testing will begin at Timber Ridge Middle School on March 6, 2018, and will end on April 19, 2018.

We ask that you please minimize absences and interruptions during the school day, especially 1st and 2nd periods.  If you have any medical appointments, please check to ensure that it does not overlap a testing session.  Once a student starts the test, they must complete the test during that session.  Please remind students to bring in earbuds/headphones to use during the audio portion of the test.  If your child does not have a pair, we will provide a set.

Testing takes place during periods 1 and 2.  Here is the schedule:

       PARCC Reading Test

  • 8th Grade - March 6-8th
  • 7th Grade - March 13-15th 
  • 6th Grade - March 20-22nd

​​​​---SPRING BREAK---

       PARCC Math Test

  • 8th Grade - April 4-6th
  • 7th Grade - April 10-12th
  • 6th Grade - April 17-19th

We are looking forward to the results from our students this summer as this test will provide additional information for our students and programs we offer at our school. We are asking the students to continue doing their best on this and every assessment that each child takes at our school.  Please contact us at the school if you have any questions at 815-439-3410.  Thank you.